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Alchemy specialise in the importation & distribution of specialty chemicals & food ingredients. Our experienced team are passionate about providing superior service and knowledge to our valued customers and world leading suppliers.

For more than 20 years Alchemy has provided quality products to Australian, New Zealand & Pacific Island customers. Our business is about people and the development of lasting friendships, trust and with that an intimate knowledge of your needs and wants. With a stable experienced team, we have amassed an in-depth understanding of the local market and it’s unique requirements.

Alchemy are committed to bringing innovative products to the market. In a region that is geographically isolated from the rest of the world, it is essential for our customers to develop unique & innovative products that offer a point of difference. Alchemy utilise our superior market knowledge and strong supplier relationships to identify innovative products and applications.


Ringier 2016 Coatings Technology Innovation Award for Aquaflow XLS 530

Ashland receives Ringier 2016 Coatings Technology Innovation Award for Aquaflow XLS 530 non-ionic associate thickener. Shanghai, China – Growing environmental awareness and stringent legal regulations are driving strong demand for waterborne coatings in China. Ashland is helping meet this demand with innovative ingredients for coatings. Ashland this week received a Ringier 2016 Coating Technology Innovation Award…


Clean Label Hydrocolloids

While there is no standard for clean label ingredients, several companies have created their own definitions. This chart shows where food gums are classified according to these definitions.

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The 22-Year-Old Female Engineer Making History On The World’s First Solar-Powered Flight

Article reproduced from ForbesWoman The world’s first solar-powered plane, Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) has been making headlines as it completes a historical journey around the world. While the technology behind it is impressive, I’m equally intrigued by 22-year-old electrical engineer Paige Kassalen, who is helping to make it happen. She’s one of three women on the 16-person ground crew, the…


Carrageenan, Agar & Alginate–Seaweed Extracts

What is carrageenan? What does this seaweed extract contribute to foods and beverages? Get the answer to those questions in more in this video. Learn more about our Carrageenan and Agar products.   Videos in the Basics of Food Gums Series Introduction (video runtime: 2:28) Gum Arabic: Tree Saps & Plant Exudates (video runtime 3:07) Guar Gum: Seed gums (video runtime…


Leather – a modern material

It is one of the oldest and yet the most modern natural materials in everyday use. Not least, thanks to modern chemistry, leather is a successful product on a global level that is constantly being reinvented. Above all, however, it is a prime example of sustainability. Prime example of sustainability The Egyptians were already familiar…


TANATEX Chemicals protects Olympic athletes – South Korea unveil Zika-proof uniforms.

South Korea’s Olympic committee unveiled Zika-proof uniforms complete with mosquito repellent, which will help protect athletes from the virus at this year’s games in Rio de Janeiro. Mosquito-repellent finishes engineered by TANATEX Chemicals were added to the outfits. The uniforms will be worn by athletes during ceremonies, training and at the athletes’ village. Brazil has…


Lanxess – Synthetic Iron Oxide Production Landscape in China

Consolidation of the pigments industry continues. Since 2012, 20 synthetic iron oxide plants have been closed in China due to strict enforcement of environmental regulations. Here, traditionally the environmentally harmful Penniman process is being used. LANXESS is responding to this trend with targeted investments in sustainable technologies, such as the newly developed Ningbo Process. This…


Covestro products spur Solar Impulse mission

Covestro is on board with high-tech polymer materials. The pioneering Solar Impulse plane is preparing to take-off from Hawaii for the final stages of its round-the-world flight using only solar power – with Covestro’s innovative high-tech polymer materials on board to help it on its journey to Abu Dhabi. Si2 is scheduled to leave Hawaii…


Covestro aims to halve CO2 emissions by 2025

Company announces ambitious sustainability targets on Earth Day Covestro has set ambitious sustainability targets for itself. Today on Earth Day, the company has announced that it intends to reduce its specific CO2 emissions per ton of product by 50 percent based on a base line of 2005. It joins global governments, civil society and forward-looking…